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South Brisbane Decks and Renovations

Professional Decks, Patios, Pergolas & Stairs for South Brisbane homeowners

DeckStar specialises in wooden decks and renovations. We build stunning timber decks, patios, pergolas and stairs in South Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. With over 15 years of experience building decks and renovating, our master craftsmen can create gorgeous outdoor living spaces designed to suit your lifestyle, budget and property.

We service all areas within 35km of South Brisbane, including suburbs like West End, Milton, Petrie Terrace, Highgate Hill, Spring Hill, Kangaroo Point, Paddington, St Lucia, Red Hill, Toowong and more.

We can build and install stunning timber decks, patios, pergolas and stairs to suit any home, investment property or business in South Brisbane. All projects are fully customisable and constructed from quality hardwoods like spotted gum, ironbark and pine by our team of qualified carpenters and builders.

Contact us today on 07-3063-0749 for a FREE estimate on your new deck or outdoor living area. Our friendly team will come and measure your property, discuss design ideas and provide a competitive quote.

South Brisbane Decks and Patios

Looking to add a new entertainment space to your South Brisbane home? Our timber decks and patio packages provide the perfect outdoor addition.

All of our decks are designed for seamless indoor-outdoor flow, maximising your living and entertaining options. We use sturdy hardwoods like spotted gum and ironbark for a stylish, natural look that complements any property.

Our team can also construct custom patio areas including raised platforms, tiled surfaces, integrated seating and covered pergola roofs. This creates the ultimate space to relax, dine and host guests in your backyard.

With over 15 years of experience, you can rely on our expertise to build a patio and decking area that suits your lifestyle. 

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We Build Handcrafted Decks, Patios and Staircases

Wooden Patio Deck

patio decks

Garden Sheds, Garages, Granny Flats, Natural, stylish, inviting outdoor living space
Pool Deck

pool decks

Use natural hardwood or a composite wood
wooden stairways


Add stairs to enhance the look of your deck

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Decks and Pergolas in South Brisbane

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.

An outdoor pergola adds a new dimension to your deck, patio or balcony space in Brisbane. It provides shade, shelter and visual appeal to maximise your enjoyment.

Our skilled carpenters can construct premium freestanding or attached pergolas at your property. Design options include:

– Spotted Gum or cedar wood structures
– Lattice or louvre roofing for filtered sunlight
– Integrated lighting and ceiling fans
– Retractable waterproof roof shades.

We can also build pergolas and decks as stand-alone projects or combine them seamlessly into one outdoor area. This provides the flexibility to customise your new space.

With over a decade of experience, Deckstar has the expertise to create the perfect pergola and decking solution.

Call us on 07-3063-0749 for a FREE design consultation and quote.

deck and pergola

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Decks and Stairs in South Brisbane QLD

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.
DeckStar deck and stairs

Safe, stylish and durable – our team specialises in constructing high-quality timber stairs to complement new decks and patios. With adjustable dimensions and step patterns, we can custom-design stairs for any South Brisbane property within 35km of the CBD.

We use premium hardwoods like spotted gum, ironbark and kiln-dried treated pine to create strong, stable steps. All of our stairs meet current building codes with features like slip-resistant treads, optimal step rise/run, balustrades and integrated lighting.

With over a decade of expertise in building and installing decks and stairs, Deckstar delivers outstanding craftsmanship and results. 

Contact us today on 07-3063-0749 for a FREE quote!

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Timber Decks in South Brisbane QLD

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.

When it comes to timber decks, Australian hardwoods like Spotted Gum, Ironbark, and Blackbutt provide superior performance and longevity compared to pine in the Brisbane climate. Although more expensive up front, their exceptional durability, hardness and strength make these timbers the ideal choice for long-lasting decks.

Species like Spotted Gum and Ironbark have a high natural oil content which makes them resistant to rot, termites and decay. They are also harder than pine, so they won’t scratch or dent as easily. Their rich colours and attractive grain patterns add a touch of natural beauty without the need for stains or other treatments.

While pine is a cheaper option, it requires much more maintenance over the years to keep it looking good. Ultimately, investing in a quality hardwood timber deck from the start will save you time and money down the track while providing decades of enjoyment.


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Ironbark Decks in South Brisbane QLD

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.
Ironbark deck Anstead House Brisbane

Get your own Building Estimate to build an ironbark deck

Known for its extreme density and natural oils, Ironbark is one of the toughest and most durable Australian timbers perfect for hardwearing decks in Brisbane’s climate. It has a beautiful rich, dark brown colouration and attractive swirling grain patterns.

Ironbark is naturally resistant to rot, termites and decay thanks to its high tannin content. It is significantly harder than pine and less prone to splintering, scratches or dents. Ironbark decks have an exceptional lifespan, often lasting 40+ years before needing replacement.

This makes Ironbark an ideal premium decking timber. Although more expensive initially, it requires virtually no maintenance and will maintain its good looks for decades. The rich colouration and grain also develops a lovely silver-grey patina over time.

For a durable, low-maintenance Brisbane deck that stays looking great year after year, Ironbark is one of the best Australian timbers you can choose. Its strength, stability and weather resistance outperforms most other decking options.

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Composite Decks in South Brisbane QLD

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.

Composite decking offers a cheaper alternative to real timber for South Brisbane homes, however results can be mixed. Many composite brands exaggerate durability claims, downplay ongoing maintenance needs, and don’t match the richness of real wood.

While composites won’t rot or warp like timber, the polymer resins can become brittle and fade over time, especially in Queensland’s harsh UV conditions. Staining and mould growth are also common complaints.

Another issue is traction – some composites become extremely slippery when wet, posing a safety hazard. Cheaper composites also dent easily and lack the solid feel of real wood underfoot.

Overall, the cost savings of composite decking tend to be outweighed by the downsides of poor weather resistance, higher lifecycle maintenance and unnatural appearance. Carefully selected hardwoods like Spotted Gum or Ironbark make a better investment for beautiful decks that last.

Trex Transcend Deck

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Treated Pine Decks in South Brisbane QLD

We specialise in decks made of Australian Ironbark. These can withstand any weather and are custom-built to your exact specifications.

Treated pine is a popular choice for more affordable decking in South Brisbane. With its light golden colour and distinctive knotty grain, pine has a classic, traditional look. It’s reasonably durable if properly treated and installed.

The main downside of pine is that it requires additional maintenance over the years. Every 2-3 years, pine decking will need sanding back and re-oiling or staining to protect the wood. It’s also not as hard as many Australian timbers, so pine can develop scratches, splinters and dents over time. The colour also tends to fade to grey without yearly treatments.

For a budget-friendly option, pine works well but expect to spend time re-finishing it. For low maintenance and longevity, spotted gum and other hardwoods are a wise investment, despite the higher initial cost. Their natural durability saves maintenance expenses long-term.

Ultimately, pine decking suits homeowners who enjoy the process of re-staining and caring for their deck wood. It provides a traditional look at an affordable price point.

DEck construction prices

DeckStar offers full-service deck construction including permits, design, concrete slabs, assembly, and professional installation of customised designs built to suit your needs.

deck around tree


Building a wooden deck can significantly improve the lifestyle and entertainment options for Brisbane homeowners. However, deck construction does come at a cost. Typically, the price per square metre for a basic timber deck in Brisbane ranges from $300-500. This covers the decking boards, subframe, fasteners and labour. Hardwood decking boards such as spotted gum or ironbark cost more, from $450-650 per sqm. Several variables impact the overall price. The size of the deck is a major factor, with larger decks benefitting from economies of scale. Complex designs, features like balustrades, and accessibility considerations also increase costs. Using composite decking rather than timber adds $100-150 per sqm. Location influences labour rates too. Preparing the site, constructing footings and gaining council approvals can all attract additional fees. With the right contractor and design, Brisbane homeowners can enjoy a quality timber deck that enhances their lifestyle for years to come.


Installing timber decks is a popular way for Brisbane businesses to expand their outdoor spaces. However, commercial deck construction is typically more expensive than residential projects. The average cost for basic commercial timber decks is around $400 per square metre. This is due to the need for more durable materials to handle higher traffic and usage. Commercial decks also usually require more extensive substructures and footings to comply with regulations. These can add $50-100 per sqm. Size and complexity further impact prices. Larger commercial decks over 100 sqm provide economies of scale, reducing the per square metre rate. But multi-level designs, integration with other structures, and features like planter boxes, benches and balustrades increase costs. Location also affects labour rates. Site preparation, access, demolition of existing structures and council approvals can attract additional fees. With proper planning, commercial businesses can gain valuable outdoor space with a timber deck to suit their budget.

The price per square metre for basic timber decking in Australia ranges from $100 to $350, depending on materials. Hardwoods like Merbau or Spotted Gum cost $250 to $350 per sqm. Treated pine is cheaper at $100 to $200 per sqm. Composite decking starts at $150 per sqm.

The total cost depends on the deck size. A 20 sqm Merbau deck could cost $5,000 to $7,000. A 15 sqm treated pine deck might be $1,500 to $3,000. Labour averages $50 to $100 per sqm. Other factors like site conditions, access, demolitions and council approvals can also impact the overall price. Extras like stairs, balustrades and lighting add more. With the right design and quote comparison, DeckStar can install an affordable, durable timber deck to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Under the Queensland Development Code (1975), approval is needed if the deck exceeds certain dimensions. This includes an overall height over 2.4m, a floor height over 1m above ground level, any side longer than 5m, or a mean height over 2.1m. Mean height is the deck’s total elevation area divided by its horizontal length. Ground level refers to the finished surface when the lot was created. Approval is also required if the deck attaches to another structure, rather than being freestanding. Exempt decks under 2.4m high don’t need approval if they meet requirements for location, materials and loading. Regardless of approval, all decks must comply with relevant standards. Checking your council’s specific policy is advised. With the right design, Queenslanders can often build a legal deck to enhance their lifestyle without approval delays.

Most patio additions require council approval before building. The main exception is for small, low-roofed structures under 2.4m high (2.1m mean height), 10 sqm in area, less than 5m long and not within setback zones. These exempt patios avoid the approval process. Larger patios, higher roofs, patios attached to other buildings or exceeding setbacks typically need full council approval. This involves submitting detailed plans, gaining approvals and scheduling inspections. Using qualified contractors familiar with regulations is advisable. While approval takes time, it ensures patio additions meet building codes and zoning requirements.

For beauty and durability, hardwoods like Ironbark, Spotted Gum, or Kwila are top choices. These resist splitting, warping and decay. Treated pine is budget-friendly but requires regular sealing and stain refreshers. Cypress pine offers a compromise with some hardness and affordability. Composite decking is splinter-free and needs less maintenance but costs more upfront. Optimal decking depends on priorities and maintenance expectations. Those wanting easy-care composite or pine can upgrade with hardwood accents. DeckStar can help you navigate the choices and comply with building code requirements.

When it comes to Australian hardwood flooring, some of the most popular species include Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Ironbark and Tallowwood. These hardwoods are prized for their rich colours, distinctive grain patterns and longevity. Blackbutt features a pale brown tone with occasional dark mineral streaks. Spotted Gum lives up to its name with a pale base punctuated by chocolate flecks. Sydney Blue Gum shows attractive contrast between reddish heartwood and pale sapwood. Tallowwood and Ironbark are darker browns revered for hardness.

When building a pool deck in Queensland, the decking material requires durability, slip resistance and water resilience. Hardwoods, like Spotted Gum or Ironbark, provide strength while handling humidity. Their natural oils offer some water resistance too. Thermally modified woods add stability. However, bare hardwood can be slippery when wet. Refreshed coatings help improve traction. Composites like plastic-wood blends don’t warp and resist moisture well. Ipe (Brazilian walnut), is a premium tropical hardwood gaining popularity for pool decks. It boasts exceptional density, hardness, and natural slip resistance. This makes it very durable and stable in wet pool environments. Other oily tropical woods like Massaranduba, Tigerwood, and Cumaru offer similar benefits. Their high oil content provides some innate water resistance as well. Tropical hardwoods are also less prone to splintering than traditional deck woods. Their natural traction helps prevent slips on wet decking. Proper sealing and ventilation is still required for optimal performance.

Installing deck stairs and balustrades in Queensland requires meeting specific building standards. Balustrades must be at least 1 metre tall on any deck exceeding 1 metre in height. Decks over 4 metres high need unclimbable balustrade infill with gaps less than 125mm. Stair flights can have a maximum of 18 risers before requiring a landing, barrier or 90-degree change in direction. Landings or directional changes are also needed every 36 stairs. Stair treads must run the full width of the stairs and have slip-resistant, visually contrasting nosings. 

About DeckStar in South Brisbane QLD

DeckStar is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing quality deck and patio building services in Brisbane for over 15 years. We are fully licensed and insured. Our team has extensive experience designing, getting council approvals and constructing decks of all sizes and uses.

We service homeowners and businesses throughout Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service and top-quality wooden decks at competitive rates. Whether you need a simple entranceway, a pool deck or a fully outdoor Patio extension,  we can help.

For any project big or small, call DeckStar on 07-3063-0749 to schedule a FREE estimate. We look forward to working with you!