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Tip 1 – Choose the Right Timber

Tip 1 -Choose the Right Timber

Choosing the right timber is absolutely essential for any outdoor structure in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. Our warm, humid conditions and seasonal rainfall demand very durable and moisture-resistant woods that can withstand the elements. Hardwoods like Spotted Gum, Ironbark, and Cypress Pine are all fantastic decking timber options. The high density and natural oils of these woods help resist swelling, warping, decay and mould growth. This prevents common issues like buckling, cupping, cracking and rotting that can seriously damage decks. Make sure any hardwood is certified as sustainably sourced as well – you want decking timber from responsible forestry, not illegal logging.

For pergola framing, look for solid, seasoned pine paired with very thick hardwood or steel beams. The pine provides affordable framing while the hardwood or steel supports the roof long-term. Treated pine is also suitable for most patio framing as it handles humidity reasonably well. However, don’t use untreated pine outside – it will deteriorate quickly. Cedar can work too but may not last as long in tropical zones. Take time to hand pick all structural timber in the yard for straightness, consistency and defect-free grading. Starting right with the bones of your structure prevents major issues down the track.

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