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Tip 3 – Check Relevant Council Regulations

Tip 3 - Check Relevant Council Regulations

Thoroughly checking all relevant council regulations early in the planning and design process is absolutely vital. Most exterior structures like decks, pergolas, patios and stairs require development approval in Queensland before building starts. Each local council has specific policies so review yours in detail. This includes zoning restrictions, allowable size limits, setback rules and height requirements. Prepare professional drawings with measurements showing all boundaries, dimensions, elevations and proposed footing locations.

Submit these for approval along with engineering specs and certification. Be ready to apply for all required council permits and pay the necessary fees. Don’t forget to schedule mandatory inspections for stages like concrete pouring, framing and final fit-off too. It takes time upfront but following proper planning procedures prevents very expensive rectification work later on. Councils crack down hard on unapproved structures. Don’t risk demolition costs down the track by trying to dodge paperwork early on. Do it right from the beginning.

Call us if you need more advice 0480-091-022. Our team of experienced deck builders can take care of the entire process from Council applications to site prep to installation.