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Tip 5 – Plan for Regular Maintenance

Tip 5 - Plan for Regular Maintenance

Carefully planning for regular maintenance and upkeep from the very outset is essential for longevity. Queensland’s sub-tropical climate is extremely hard on exposed wooden structures like decks, pergolas and patios. Maximize lifespan by using naturally durable timbers, high quality hardware and protective stains or oils where possible. Establish clear routines for periodic inspection, cleaning moss/debris buildup, re-coating surfaces and replacing damaged or deteriorated elements.

Factor the costs of proper maintenance into your overall budget. Avoid “out of sight, out of mind” neglect of your structure. A little bit of preventative maintenance completed consistently extends the life and function dramatically compared to leaving it until deterioration is obvious. Be diligent and proactive. Your future self will thank you! Appreciating that outdoor structures require care is imperative. With regular upkeep, you can safely enjoy your beautiful new timber deck, pergola or patio for many years to come. Maintain it well and it will maintain your lifestyle.

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