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Tip 2 – Allow for Ventilation and Drainage

Tip 2 - Allow for Ventilation and Drainage

Allowing ample ventilation and drainage under decks, pergolas and patios is crucial in Queensland’s damp, tropical environment. Flat, close-contact surfaces are magnets for moisture, mould and termite damage. Create open foundations for air circulation using pier and beam footings or detached posts. Elevating the floor 300 mm+ above ground encourages airflow to dry out joists and decking. This ventilation reduces rotting while limiting mould growth and termite risks. Use joist hangers and living screed connections to keep framing elevated off bearers too. For decks, gap boards by at least 5-6mm for drainage and additional ventilation.

Elevating structures also lets you meet minimum height requirements for balustrade rails while improving light penetration and outdoor views. Just be mindful of the total deck height for council approvals. Incorporating a roof on pergolas or patios helps protect the structure from heavy rainfall as well. Proper foundations and separation from the ground are the keys to preventing major moisture damage issues down the line. Don’t take shortcuts with the base framework.

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